Psychic Mediumship ESP & Psychic Awareness Course for 2021

Psychic Mediumship ESP & Psychic Awareness Course for 2021, Learn how to tune into your dormant Psychic Medium & ESP Abilities and experience more of the unseen world around you.

Psychic Mediumship ESP & Psychic Awareness Course for 2021

5 Star Review

Indeed, good course for beginners, with wonderful guided meditations. To connect with your spirit guide, send healing to others, give yourself healing, first astral travel to the clouds in the sky how to experiment with feeling objects for a reading how to use a pendulum or your body to experience a ‘Yes’ or a ‘No’, for example to find out if a certain food is good for you.

Ivan Timmermans.

Mediumship is a form of Psychic communication with the unseen world where spirit guides and guardian angels are and just because you can not see that which is around you does not mean it doesn’t exist. Air heat and magnetism are part of our everyday lives that scientifically can be measured and keep us alive and grounded to the planet so we do not question any of theses invisible forces.

But most people get a glimmer of the unseen world with intuitions, gut instinct answers to problems that seem to come from no where and even deja vu a feeling of familiarity.

Whit this introduction to mediumship course you will begin to open up to your psychic awareness and development that has mostly been dormant only because society does not recognize or nurture this ability from a young age.

Most people will have had some psychic experiences that could be clairvoyant [ clear seeing ] this does not mean you see ghosts but that images may pop to mind of happenings in the past or what may happen in the future and not ruling out actually seeing what we would call a ghost or spirit.

Then there may be others who are more clairaudient  [ clear hearing ]  this may be hearing voices words or a simple knowing of something was said or description in words

And you may be clairsentient [ clear feeling ] a knowing through feeling this may be feeling something in a certain area of your body or a tactile sense of knowing how something feels its temperature hot or cold weight size.

This course will help you become more aware of these senses and which one is your primary ESP sense just like you have a physically primary sense one you use the most for choosing or that makes you feel good this does not mean you only use one sense either physically or psychically it can be a combination with one being the most prominent.

There are 4 Guided meditations to help you open up a new channel of awareness that will help you create strong neural pathways to increase your level of awareness it may happen quick or slow for you as we are all different and learn and make changes at different speeds.

You will learn about psychometry reading personal objects of another person just by tuning into the object and the energy imprint left by the person who owned or owns it  and getting real life feedback giving you confidence that you really are getting information just by focusing on an object or person being a medium.

The course begins with a little introduction on types of mediumship, my first experience as a medium the four meditations to open you up to a whole new level of awareness

  1. Connecting to your Higher self
  2. Contacting your spirit guide
  3. Absent Healing
  4. Self Healing

    Bonus Hypnosis for further development

  5. Astral Travel Hypnosis
  6. ESP Development Hypnosis

After each meditation there is a debriefing session where you get to write down the experience you had while meditation because when you write what your experience down you will be firstly so surprised as to what it was like and then how much more information may come to mind as you write that you can then learn from and strengthen your psychic awareness and ability.

Also as I mentioned earlier you will learn about psychometry and hear my own personal story of my first experience with psychometry and as a medium.

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