Profits in Self Storage For Real Estate Investors


Profits in Self Storage For Real Estate Investors, Why Self Storage Is a Goldmine for Investors.

There are around 50,000 self-storage businesses across the USA. Approximately 73% are owned by “Mom and Pop” operators.

In this fast-paced real estate investing course, Fernando Angelucci, The Storage Stud, explains why the self-storage industry is one of the best opportunities for real estate investors when it comes to ROI, growth, cash flow, and fewer headaches.

You’ll discover:

  1. Highest Return
  2. Recession Resilience
  3. Great Leverage
  4. Easier Management
  5. Fragmented Market
  6. Low Break-Even
  7. Easy “Evictions”
  8. High Sticky Factor
  9. Ancillary Profit Centers
  10. And much more!

No matter what position you occupy in the real estate spectrum, at some point you need to know which asset classes to put your time and money into.

Weighing up the pros and cons between them requires research, and many asset classes tend to fall beneath the radar. Self-storage is one of these, and Fernando Angelucci, The Storage Stud, gets into the many reasons why investors should be taking this asset class more seriously.

Fernando is the founder and president of Titan Wealth Group, which operates nationwide sourcing off-market investment properties, particularly in the self-storage space.

Forget about tenants. Forget about multifamily. Fernando is breaking down the numbers so you can see how managing storage units can help you earn the income you deserve.

His strategy approaches mom and pop owners, but he’s got his own system down to a science. Fernando is involved with both commercial and residential storage, and his techniques work for both sides of the market.

Get started on a new lucrative path to real estate investing today!

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