Personal Finance + Invest to Grow = Financial Freedom

Personal Finance + Invest to Grow = Financial Freedom, This unique course provides foundational information, starting with how saving can lead to financial independence.

We teach students things that are truly transformative, share ideas that they never heard of, or thought about. We even challenge some of their beliefs and get them to take an action. We provide tools needed to achieve Financial Freedom, and help them get rid of money-related stresses in life. We strive to help them realize that they can grow their wealth using simple and smart methods.

Our Mission

  • To change lives through financial education.
  • To end dependency on others in financial matters.

This free version of the course covers all the foundational topics. This version will give you a clear idea about how this course could change your financial future. You will also learn about how you save money and how it leads to financial independence.


Please remember to download the Savings list attached for ideas on how to get to a target savings level.

What this course is (and isn’t)?

You get unbiased information that you can put to use immediately to handle real-life issues. This course is not about buying or selling insurance, about any get-rich-quick schemes, or about any kind of trading.

The instructor has been teaching this course in live sessions and the videos here are edited versions of those classes. These videos used here have been refined based on feedback from almost 1,000 students.


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