NLP & Islam- Urdu/Hindi (Part 2/6)


NLP & Islam- Urdu/Hindi (Part 2/6), Life-Changing Sessions- Transformation Guarantee.

Neuro refers to your neurology; Linguistic refers to language; programming refers to how that neural language functions. In other words, learning NLP is like learning the language of your own mind!

It is like a user’s manual for the brain, and taking an NLP & Islam training is like learning how to become fluent in the language of your mind.

It is for people, who want to improve their self-awareness, confidence, communication skills, social actions and guide them to implement the Islamic ways distinguish by PBUH to live a happy life.

Life-Changing Session 1

Learn How to Learn

Discover Yourself

Stress & Frustration

Find Your Potential

Belief System

ALLAH sa Ghumaan

Mind Factory

What is NLP

Conscious & Unconscious Mind

Life-Changing Session 2

Levels of Learning

VAK Senses

Deletion Distortion Generalization

State of Mind

Introduction to NLP Communication Model

NLP Communication Model

NLP Communication Model Conclusion


Life-Changing Session 3

Pillers of NLP- you

Pillar of NLP- outcome

Pillar Of NLP- Presupposition

Pillar Of NLP- Feedback and Flexibility

Presuppositions- Khush Naseeb Koun

Presuppositions- Mushkil Waqt Ma Sabr

Presuppositions- Waqt Sa Pahla

Presuppositions- People Already Have

Presuppositions- Having A Choice

Presuppositions- People Work Perfectly

Presuppositions- Every Behavior

Presuppositions- You Cannot Communicate

Presuppositions- Unconscious Mind

Presuppositions- People Always Make

Presuppositions- Mind and Body

Presuppositions- If U Want to Understand

Questions and Discussion

Life-Changing Session 4

How to Control Your Mind?


Sources of Thoughts


Sub Modalities

Erasing Painful Memory

Life-Changing Session 4

Shakur ( Gratitude)

Namaz – Salah

Representation system



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