Mechanical Drives and It’s Types


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Mechanical Drives and It’s Types, Belt Drive , Gear Drive & Chain Drive.

As a Engineering student in stream of mechanical / Automobile / Machine design / Manufacturing / Aeronautics / Marine, It is very important to know about the power transmission. Those power transmission which is caused by mechanical element / drives / linkages. In these course we are going to learn about the mechanical drives which facilitate the power transmission . There are mainly three types of drives such as belt drive, Gear drives and chain drives. We are focused on these type of drives and it’s Various types, Application, advantages and disadvantages. As a Engineer / technical person it is very important to select the type of material based on driving load, type of drives, amount of energy in power transmission.

Some key terms you should know before entering into course.

1. Driver shaft  – it means the shaft which is directly connected to the motor / mechanical force / torque to transform motion is called as driver shaft

2  Driven shaft – it means the shaft which is drives by the Driver shaft

3. Relation between friction and slippage. Friction is inversely proportional to the slippage. If friction increases the slippage decreases. If the friction decreases the slippage increases.

4. Lubricant is used to smooth the operating mechanism in drives. Using proper regular lubrication shall increase the life span of drives . Lubricant helps to wear resist in drives.

Please subscribe to our Youtube channel! We are starting Online Tutorials Soon!

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