Lean 101-A short introduction to Lean origins and principles


Lean 101-A short introduction to Lean origins and principles, Lean 101- An introduction to this management philosophy from it’s start in production lines to today.

Hello and welcome to Lean 101

The word Lean is dropped into conversations regularly in the product world. But many don’t have a clue what it means! Over the course of about 30 minutes, Dave Keenan aims to answer the question of What Is Lean.

He starts around 1950, looking at the emergence of Lean as a philosophy to address a rising question around how groups of people work on complicated problems in a new age of automation. He then spans 75 years of progress as Lean becomes the most successful product management philosophy before being overtaken by philosophies like Agile as the world became more complex.

And who should take this course? Anyone who wants a high level but comprehensive understanding of Lean.

BTW: I have a number of paid courses on Udemy. This course started as a two part webinar that I presented (Lean 101 and Agile 101). The feedback was great so I have decided to put it up here as a FREE course. The graphics are not brilliant but the content is good. I hope the quality is good enough for you!

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