Japanese for beginners: hiragana workshop

Japanese for beginners: hiragana workshop, learn hiragana characters (Japanese basic alphabet) quickly and easily with illustrations and animated videos.

This is a complete course to learn all the hiragana characters, the basic Japanese alphabet. Thanks to illustrations, animated videos and explanation recorded by a native Japanese instructor, either in English or in Japanese with English subtitles, you will be able to easily master  the whole hiragana chart including 46 hiragana characters.

This course is adapted not only for absolute beginners, but also for those who want to consolidate their basic knowledge of hiragana.

Because in addition to the 46 characters of the hiragana chart (from あ to ん)

You will learn :

– letters with dakuten (゛) such as がぎぐげご (ga gi gu ge go)

– letters with handakuten( ゜)such as ぱぴぷぺぽ ( pa pi pu pe po)

– compound letters such as きゃきゅきょ or しゃしゅしょ

– the different pronunciations of ん

– pronunciation of words which include long vowels such as とうきょう, おおさか etc.

– pronunciation of words which include a small つ such as こっち, もっと etc.

– the pronunciation of unvoiced vowels such as しか, つき etc.

– pronunciation of the particle は and the particle へ

– around 200 basic words (many of them are chosen from the vocabulary which you will need to learn to pass JLPT N5 exam)

– how to greet, say thank you, to apologize

– how to tell time

– how to speak about your job

– how to speak about your weekly routine

– how to speak about a place

You will also learn about

– the geography of Japan with numerous beautiful pictures

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