Decision Making Techniques |Pricing|Costing|ACCA|CIMA|F5|

Decision Making Techniques |Pricing|Costing|ACCA|CIMA|F5|, Study with award winning and rank holder faculties.

In this course, we will be talking about:

  • Basics of cost, volume, profit and sales and different formulas to calculate production volume for break even, target profit, etc.
  • Understanding and plotting cost, profit, sales on graphs based on production volume and identifying break even, margin of safety, etc
  • Solving production problems with limiting factor through linear equations and graphical approaches.
  • How different factors affect price and demand.
  • Sensitivity of relationship between price and demand, using the demand equation and MR MC approach to calculate profit maximization level of output.
  • Different pricing strategies and their application.
  • Understanding characteristics of relevant costs and how to calculate relevant cost of material and labour.
  • Quantitative analysis of further processing decisions and shutdown decisions.
  • Different decision rules for different risk appetites under different conditions.
  • Decision trees, rollback analysis and how to calculate value of perfect and imperfect information.

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