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Future Skills For Every Teacher

Future Skills For Every Teacher, Exploring Teaching Expertise.The teaching expertise managing excellence is a priority for teachers to explore the learning of the new age. The teachers of the new ... more ››

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Winning Secrets of Teaching

Winning Secrets of Teaching, Towards Excellence In Academics.The module nurtures learning through re-visiting classroom strategies towards excellence. It laminates teaching skills for a better qua... more ››

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Learn Quality Teaching Practices Towards Excellence

Learn Quality Teaching Practices Towards Excellence, A Quality Initiative Towards Excellence in Academics.Teaching has been one of the very known and trusted professions of all time and perfection... more ››

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99 Classroom Management Strategies

99 Classroom Management Strategies, Towards A Learning Classroom with WOW element of success.The course talks about real life scenario within schools towards excellence as a priority. With Teacher... more ››

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49 Tips For New Teachers

49 Tips For New Teachers, Towards Teaching Excellence.The teaching module towards excellence has been routed to mount at pace with the 49 Tips for New Teachers to explore the WOW feeling within cl... more ››

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Trouble Shooting Your Classrooms

Trouble Shooting Your Classrooms, CONTROLLING THE CLASSROOMS.The module has an objective towards managing Classrooms Effectively towards excellence and making learning a pride for all. The initiat... more ››

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