CompTIA Security+ 501


CompTIA Security+ 501, Prepare for the next level cyber security training – Clear and concise.

**Lean through case studies and hands on demonstrations**

Taught by an expert in information technology and cyber security with over 16 years of experience.

I am Anand and I have training thousands of professionals around the globe and helped them achieve certifications. I am now using this platform to do the knowledge transfer and share all the knowledge that I have learnt through consulting and educating partners.

This course will walk you through the concepts of cyber security focusing on essentials of CompTIA Security+ 501. There are numerous references of well known hacks around he world , for example, the stux net attack, Petya Ransomware attacks , nation wide and ATP’s . There are demonstrations of well known tools and techniques are used to ensure that you retain what you learn .

Course Agenda :

Chapter 1 :  Malware and Indicators of Compromise ( Published )

Chapter 3 : Threat Actors ( Published )

Chapter 5 : Vulnerabilities and Impacts ( Published )

More chapters would be published as the recording completes.

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