Top 8 Robust Employee Attendance Management Software in 2021

Whenever an organization is in operation employee attendance management is a big task to handle. Let’s just sort it out the easier way.

An organization seems to be incomplete until and unless every single individual becomes an essential part of it. Without the contribution of employees, an organization can never progress.

This makes it hard for many recruiters because a lot of employees are not serious about managing their time and their progress in turn hurts the spirit of the company as well. This is why it becomes a bit difficult to do with that irresponsible behavior which they obviously can’t afford as they are investing money in the venture.

Hence, it becomes more than essential to seek out a refuge that can help the recruiters and manage the workflow along with the time and attendance management of the employees.

Key Points

  • Employee attendance management is a big issue for most companies since it is very technical and involves precision.
  • With the presence of the new employee attendance management software, things seem to get relaxed because all of the apps are efficient in terms of tracking the overall time period of the client and helping him manage his attendance through modernized features.
  • In addition to attendance management, the HR company can easily organize and schedule meetings besides managing the queries and complaints of the employees on these platforms.

What Is An Employee Attendance Management Software?

An employee attendance management software is the modern form of the attendance sheet which asks for the attendance of every single employee and upon absence records the credentials without a doubt along with managing the salary based on the presence. This system has taken over the conventional attendance mechanism which is prone to human error and can be altered easily.

Some of the benefits attached to the employee attendance management software are as follows:

  1. It is a database management system that helps you as a recruiter to analyze the presence of the employees.
  2. Each employee is presented with a datasheet of attendance where the credentials are noticed.
  3. Along with managing the attendance, it also helps to keep track of the overall working hours so that the individual effort could be included.
  4. Payments are made easily with the help of this as HR finds no doubt in the presence of the electronically generated sheets which are automatically transferred to the main account.

Top 8 Finest Employee Attendance Management Software

With the help of modern technology, everything has become simpler than ever and this is one of the reasons that today you can find the eight best employee attendance management software which is known for its credibility and efficient performance in the professional environment.

Let’s just find out about them.

  • Freshteam
  • OnTheClock
  • Keka
  • enableHR
  • Time Doctor 
  • Sage HR
  • Gusto
  • Qandle


In the list of most eligible software of 2021 which can be seen as the soul of the HR employee attendance management system, Freshteam comes at the top of the list. Yes, I do have a reason for that as well.

This software is the perfect choice for the HR department not only because it provides all the essential management strengths but because here you can easily find your employees and manage all their credentials in a single place. The software is perfect for professional schedules involving interview and meeting schedules.

In addition to this, every new update on professional affairs can be directly transferred from HR to the employees. Good thing is that it is available in both mobile and desktop versions. Here, a free trial gives you an encouraging opportunity to try it and then accept it afterward.


OnTheClock is your trusted partner if you want your employees to be on the clock as per your defined schedule. It’s an ideal software for managing all the time concerning issues. Separated datasheets from the employees are not only received by the recruiters but the salary management has become easier than ever through counting the overall duration through the help of the app itself.

The app also has the feature of accessing your location which makes remote work easier for you. Other than this, a free trial version and the presence in the form of a mobile app are some of the greatest features provided by this one.


Keka has been handling management affairs for a very long time. So, you can say that it is an old player in the market. This management software is the foremost one to introduce distinctive timesheets which make sure that the overall work timings are mentioned by the recruiters.

In addition to this, you can easily explore and track the time of the employee according to the overall time which needs to be spared at a particular project. The project timing is an active agent of calculating the functional duration of the employees. You not only record the functional duration but with the help of it you can easily find out the leave schedule and the overall attendance of the employee as well. Free trial is presented within both the desktop and mobile app versions.


enableHR is launched to handle most of the affairs which are in the hands of your HR team. This fixed-price software is known for its active integration of the management system through which it takes over the responsibility of a specific company.

From attendance to leaves and from complaining to sharing any particular update within the app, enableHR is your best solution for all the circumstances. The only problem is that you have to purchase it and update it afterward.

Time Doctor

Time Doctor came to acclaim post-pandemic. The rules became too stiff and lockdown made it impossible for employees to be there at the site. Hence, for the sake of online work or remote work, a credible partner was needed to handle the affairs of the attendance. This was performed by none other than the mighty Time Doctor.

This is known as the biggest pandemic’s blessing known for its active time tracking system. It not only tracks the time of the employees during their office hours but keeps on taking the screenshots of the recorded work after every minute or so. This mighty bear is also available with a free trial on both desktop and mobile.

Sage HR

Another app for the ease of the HR group is Sage HR. I personally recommend this one because it is quite economical compared to its contemporaries. This not only builds a specific employee database right at the time of its installation but also answers all the queries coming from their sides.

Furthermore, you can also look forward to the correct payment scenario and if you have worked so hard and are in need of the off-time so that payment is also recorded over here by the employees. This means that you become experienced in managing businesses on your own. A trial version along with the present is the reason you can go for it.


Don’t fall for the name alone. Let me tell you it’s attributed as well. This apparently French seeming software is known for online efficiency. Here, the best part is instant information to the clients about the latest updates coming from the HR department.

Once you are a part of the software, you then become a permanent part and every single affair of yours is handled by the app itself. Say it recording the presence of the employees to tracking of the location and all the durable HR weapons are present will all their might. Unfortunately, you have to spend a few bucks over this one.


Qandle is the best option for you if you are looking for the most advanced kind of app that can take over HR. This one is the one you have been searching for ages.

No, I am not exaggerating this, but while researching for my topic, I found that this mighty beauty is known for its QR code functioning where you can just easily show up your card and scan it for identification but if you are getting confused in that, the biometric option for the attendance is also available.

It doesn’t stop only here but you also get to find the details over credit working hours and can easily transfer every single update from one department to another.

It also notices the employee’s complaints and queries regarding work and is an effective tool in managing the time period of professional-level meetings. The cherry on the top over here is the presence of a free trial which enables you to understand the features first and then decide afterward.


Employee attendance management software is the new way of expressing power. These scientifically correct and clear softwares help the user to easily analyze the performance and overall time period of the performance as well.

So, now the recruiters need not to worry about all the technical information regarding bundles of attendance sheets which get lost within a month and create an absolute fuss for all. These automated softwares help you not only in tracking time and progress but help you assess the payment accordingly which is indeed a big step in the field of computerized management systems.


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